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Cowls / Cones / Spiders

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Cones Copper Flashing Standard Cones Copper Flashing Standard Copper Cone 450 Assembly Copper Cone 150
$250.00 NZD 
Cones Flashing Standard Cones Flashing Standard Cone 550 Assembly Cone 150
$72.00 NZD 
Cones Flashing Venting Gas Cones Flashing Venting Gas Cone Gas Venting 250_350 Assembly Cone Gas Venting 200/300
$63.00 NZD 
Cones Flashing Venting Wood Cones Flashing Venting Wood Cone Venting 550_700 Assembly Cone Venting 150/300
$92.00 NZD 
Copper Additional work Copper Additional work CONE-COPPER Copper Cladding to Cone
$1,050.00 NZD 
Cowl ADD (Anti Down Draft) Cowl ADD (Anti Down Draft) ZADD 550 Assembly ADD 150
$95.00 NZD 
Cowl ADD Copper ( Anti Down Draft ) Cowl ADD Copper ( Anti Down Draft ) Copper ADD 275 Assembly Copper ADD 150
$225.00 NZD 
Cowl Bird Directional Cowl Bird Directional 400 Directional Cowl Assembly Bird Directional Cowl 150
$360.00 NZD 
Cowl H  Tops Cowl H Tops H TOP 300 H Top 150 Dia
$360.00 NZD 
Cowl Rocket Tops Cowl Rocket Tops ROCKET150 Rocket Type 150
$250.00 NZD 
Cowl Standard Gas Cowl Standard Gas GCOWL275 Gas Cowl 100
$130.00 NZD 
Pots Butterfly Cowl Only Pots Butterfly Cowl Only Butterfly Cowl 450 Assembly Butterfly Cowl 150
$75.00 NZD 
Pots Terracotta Butterfly Cowl Assy Pots Terracotta Butterfly Cowl Assy Butterfly Terracotta Cowl 300 Assembly Butterfly Terracotta Cowl 150
$340.00 NZD 
Spider Top Spider Top Spider 450 Assembly Spider 150
$50.00 NZD 
Spider Top Venting Spider Top Venting Spider Venting 550 Assembly Spider Venting 150
$65.00 NZD 
Spinning Emperor Spinning Emperor SPINC150 Emperor Spinning Cowl 200
$990.00 NZD 
Pot Butterfly Cowl Assembly Pot Butterfly Cowl Assembly Pot Butterfly Cowl Assembly 450 Pot Butterfly Cowl Assembly 150
$220.00 NZD 

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